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In Ahrenshoop, art greets you at every turn. From the founding fathers of the painters’ colony to the fellows at the Lukas Art House or the studio of the resident creatives – there is so much to discover in Ahrenshoop. Painting, sculpture, ceramics, music, dance, literature and, last but not least, the unique landscape create the special Ahrenshoop atmosphere.

Ahrenshoop’s character is one of tradition and vibrancy, and this can be felt throughout the town and the region. Throughout the year, exhibitions are held at many locations and offer glimpses into the painters’ creative processes – both during the early years of the artists’ colony as well as for contemporary painters and artists. Here, you’ll come across works that deal directly with the landscape of Fischland and Darß – with its uniqueness, its big and endless skies, and its special light. Some of these works, and other popular painters’ motifs, can be discovered during a walk along the Kunstpfad (art trail), which was established in 2017 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the foundation of the artists’ colony in Ahrenshoop.

On the other hand, all important art history trends have also been present since the end of the 19th century. Because Ahrenshoop has always been a meeting place and refuge for artists throughout its eventful history, and has been able to maintain this status to this day. Contemporary art thus plays a great role in the cultural life of the town.

Those who are stimulated to be creative by the location’s unique atmosphere find manifold opportunity to try it out under expert instruction.

Did you know?

Did you know?

In the 19th century Ahrenshoop was a well known artist' colony, where artists would have painted en plein air.

These locations are worth a visit!

Ahrenshoop Art Museum

Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop – Ahrenshoop Museum of Art

From Barbizon to the Baltic: See how naturalistic painting came to northern Germany.

Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop

Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop

The Ahrenshoop Kunstkaten is an exhibition and events house managed by the Ahrenshoop tourist office and is one of the oldest galleries in Northern Germany. Throughout the year, visitors enjoy the changing exhibitions about the artists’ colony of Ahrenshoop, the subsequent generations of artists, all the way to the art of the present day.

Künstlerhaus Lukas

Lukas artist house

The traditional Künstlerhaus Lukas is a place for artistic work and international encounters. It supports professional artists in the fields of visual arts, literature, dance, composition and curators by awarding residency grants.

Neues Kunsthaus

Neues Kunsthaus

The New Art Museum (“Neues Kunsthaus”) Ahrenshoop is committed to presenting the work of the fellows of the Künstlerhaus Lukas, within the context of Northern Europe.

Atelier im Dornenhaus
Bernhard-Seitz-Weg 1, 18347 Ahrenshoop


The unspoilt Dornenhaus, built in 1660, has always been a popular motif for painters and photographers. It also houses the pottery for the traditional Fischland ceramics made by Friedemann Löber.

Galerie Alte Schule
Dorfstraße 16, 18347 Ahrenshoop

Old School Gallery

The Galerie Alte Schule showcases works from the portfolio of Ahrenshooper Kunstauktionen GmbH. Changing exhibitions: works from the artists’ colony from the beginning of the 20th century, classical modernism and contemporary art.

Galerie Peters-Barenbrock im The Grand
Schifferberg 24, 18347 Ahrenshoop

Peters-Barenbrock Gallery

The gallery, which has been operating in Ahrenshoop for 21 years, has been using its newly designed exhibition rooms on the first floor of The Grand since 2017.

Galerie Schnepel III at the Long Night of Art
Weg zum Kiel 2, 18347 Ahrenshoop

Schnepel Gallery III

Focus: old handicrafts in a modern household – the complete riches of bygone cultures representing 15 countries from Morocco to Eastern Europe.

Bunte Stube
Dorfstraße 24, 18347 Ahrenshoop

Colorful parlor

The house has had a fine arrangement of regional literature for over 90 years, a cultural meeting place for artists and fans of art.

LGM-Klanggalerie Das Ohr

LGM-Klanggalerie Das Ohr

A gallery for the ears with a small concert hall, music studio and visitor area

Experience Nature

Ahrenshoop offers a wealth of opportunities to experience the diversity of the landscape.

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