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From spectacular shows to small but excellent events – culture in Ahrenshoop has all kinds of delights to offer.

In this artists’ colony, there is always something to experience, whatever the time of year: when everyone’s dancing in the streets, it must be time for the Ahrenshoop Jazzfest. When all the galleries are still lit up late into the night, and people are heading from an exhibition opening to the next performance, it must be time for the Long Night of Art.  Enjoy live music right on the banks of the Baltic Sea – sunset included – or experience a hot bidding war at an art auction. Take in the wonderful sounds of the chamber music days, or the literature days featuring many readings and a book fair, as well as new German film productions introduced during the “Night of the Film”. However, Ahrenshoop has long been a place not just of visual arts, but also of all cultural genres.

With the annual “barrel cutting” and the Althäger fishing regatta, the region’s traditions continue. These traditions draw in many of our visitors every year. However, even the locals get fired up when the search for the new barrel king or the fastest Zees boat begins.

Of course, as well as the large events, there’s always something new to discover every day. Because numerous event halls invite visitors in to enjoy culture. Concerts, readings, dances, performances and much more – there is no limit to what imagination can conjure.

Our traditional events at a glance


Easter Sunday

Residents of Ahrenshoop have been driving out winter with the lighting of the Easter bonfire (“Osterfeuer”) on Easter Sunday since time immemorial.



First Saturday in June

The children’s festival is celebrated with the traditional ribbon dance, the “Taubenstechen” (Dove’s Bullseye) for girls, and the “Tonnenabschlagen” (barrel cutting) competition for boys as well as the crowning of the victor as king or queen.



Third Weekend in June

Over 20 different venues await you for three days of jazz in a variety of styles.



Third Sunday in July

The riders in the barrel union compete on decorated horses to smash a barrel of herrings and be crowned the king of barrel and rod.



Last ten days of July

The ceramicists in the Löber family invite you to an attractive market dealing with handling and working with clay.



First Saturday in August

Art auction with a hundreds pieces from the early years of the artists’ colony to the present day.

Previews in the Kunstkaten and the Strandhalle



Third Saturday in August

Art and events halls, galleries and studios throughout the area open their doors and share in the enjoyment of art until midnight.



First Saturday in September

At sunset, experience classical and world music in harmony with nature against the backdrop of the steep bank between Ahrenshoop and Wustrow.    



Third Saturday in September

The tradition of the Zeese trawls (German: “Zeesboote” are boats that use special fishing gear for bottom trawling in the coastal water of Pomerania.) is celebrated in the harbour of Althagen with an arts and crafts market, maritime crafts, culinary delicacies and live music.



around 3 October

Lectures throughout the area and the presentation of regionally connected publishing houses inspire a love of reading at the largest book fair in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.




The chamber music days provide a stage for first-class musicians and graduates of public master classes.



Before the third weekend in November

Six feature films compete for the jury and the public’s prize in this small film festival.

The film festival’s trademark is its unique, personal atmosphere, which both audiences and movie stars enjoy when attending movie interviews and during accompanying events.



Between Christmas and New Year

Live music, hot drinks and a warm fire spread a cosy winter atmosphere throughout the pasture in front of the old school.

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