NATUREUM and lighthouse Darßer Ort

The NATUREUM as a natural history museum in the National Park of "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft" is located on the peninsula Darß near Prerow directly at the accessible lighthouse Darßer Ort and is one of several locations of the German Oceanographic Museum. Here, the diversity, dynamics and need for protection of the unique Darß landscape are presented in particular.

A museum for all senses

Gentle dunes, romantic beaches, forest, rustic coastal sections with nature marked by wind and sea - the lighthouse Darßer Ort is embedded in this multifaceted landscape. Since 1991, it and its annexes have housed the NATUREUM natural history museum.

As one of four locations of the German Oceanographic Museum, it conveys in exhibitions and aquariums the diversity, dynamics and need for protection of nature in a coastal landscape that has been little influenced by man. This natural history museum in the National Park of Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft houses exhibitions on the natural environment of Darßer Ort, the Baltic Sea coast and the animals of the Darß region. Particularly fascinating is the recreated scenario "Darß forest at night" with crepuscular animals in the basement of the former lighthouse keeper's house.

Several Baltic Sea aquariums, a beach and dune garden and a wetland biotope are also part of the NATUREUM. The walk-in lighthouse offers a magnificent view over the land and Baltic Sea. At a height of 30 meters, you are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view over the Baltic Sea and the Darss landscape from the viewing platform of the lighthouse, which was built in 1848. The scent of the forest, the wide view, the sounds of the diverse animal world, the wind on your skin - the NATUREUM and its surroundings offer delightful impressions for all senses at any time of the year.

After climbing the tower, it is worth visiting the museum café at the lighthouse, which is attached to the NATUREUM and reserved for museum guests. (Not a public excursion café).

The NATUREUM can only be reached on foot, by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage through the Darß "primeval forest".

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