silent movie concert

"Panzerkreuzer Potemkin" by Sergei Eisenstein (1925) with the film music by and with Chris Jarrett (piano)

Jarrett, Chris.

The US-born musician and composer Chris Jarrett has been living in Germany for many years. In his pieces he merges jazz, classical, avant-garde and world music in a breathtaking way. Music journalists have sometimes described him as a "rebel" against the piano establishment. It is vital and impulsive, the music of Chris Jarrett, full of breaks and surprises and never so easy to classify in the usual categories of the music business. Frank Zappa, for example, is just as much a role model for him as the masters of the Baroque or the Modern. His repertoire is correspondingly open, ranging from atonal miniatures to sonatas, film music, ballet and opera.

"Anyone who is able to press the keys with such energy, with pianistic furor, but also with such brilliance and subtlety of touch, can almost absorb the bulky instrument ... [awakens] the association of a mythical centaur - half piano, half man ... imaginative, original, energetic and technically perfect".
Wolfgang Sandner, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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am 22.10.2018
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