Kammerkonzert Bach 333 III

Puschan Mousavi Malvani (violin) with works by Johann Sebastian Bach

Puschan Mousavi Malvani

The mixture of tradition and modernity characterize his playing to this day. Born in Frankfurt, his education at the University of the Arts led him to Prof. Uwe-Martin Haiberg, with whom he completed a highly gifted course of study. As a contrast, he chose the English violin virtuoso Prof. Priya Mitchell for his further studies. She encouraged his joy in experimenting, which always allows him to tread new paths in his playing.

In 2009, he won the Rotary Club's Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the Radolfzell International Music Festival on Lake Constance. The Südkurier wrote about his interpretation of Edvard Elgar's Violin Concerto: "There seems to be an almost magical agreement (...)". In the same year he was appointed top talent of the Stiftfestival (Netherlands) in the master class of violin legend Ivry Gitlis. Yoshika Shibata invited him to a master class for soloists in Berlin, where he repeatedly performed the violin concertos of Tchaikovsky and Brahms with the New Symphony Orchestra Berlin in the French Cathedral under the direction of Gerd Herklotz. Since then concert tours have taken him to Europe, South Africa, Egypt and South Korea.

In 2015 he was awarded the concert prize of the city of Fermo (Italy) In 2016 the city of Frankfurt am Main supported him to realize his idea of an intercultural music festival for the Persian New Year and Spring Awakening in an unusual concert ambience. Since this performance at the Frankfurter Künstlerclub Montez, Puschan Mousavi Malvani has passionately pursued his goal of presenting classical music outside the usual concert scene. This is how his first CD "Zwischenwelten" (Intermediate Worlds) came into being, which builds a bridge between his oriental origins and his western musical education. Since 2017 he has been working with the "Dinu Lipatti Trio Berlin". He plays an instrument from the studio of master violin maker Jonas Gierten in Wiesbaden.

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