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Visit the artists’ colony with its many sights!

Many of the houses in Ahrenshoop tell the long history of the artists’ colony. Ranging from Haus Lukas, built as a painting school in 1894, to the Art Museum (Kunstmuseum), which opened in 2013, the buildings bring the architectural history of the town to life.

There is plenty to see in the vibrant artists’ colony and Baltic Sea resort town of Ahrenshoop. There are, of course, many exhibitions held in the event halls and galleries. Even the buildings themselves are worth a visit! Just like the Kunstmuseum, which was opened in 2013 and was has been awarded the State Building Prize and the Iconic Award. Standing in contrast to this, the Kunstkaten (art cottages), which was built in 1909, represents a typical Ahrenshoop thatched house. The nearby Bunte Stube (colourful loft) is just as rich in tradition.

If you want to follow the trail of the artists’ colony, don’t forget to visit the Künstlerhaus Lukas (Artist’s House Lukas): Founded as a painting school in 1894, it represents the beginning of the artists’ colony. Today, it offers the freedom to pursue creative works to scholars from all artistic fields, and can be visited as part of the monthly open house day. The Neue Kunsthaus (New Art House) devotes its exhibitions to contemporary art.

The Schifferkirche (naval church) lies to the north of the town’s centre. It was opened in 1951 and resembles an upside-down ship. However, real ships are docked in the Althagen harbour (in the Althagen district) situated on the Bodden side. From here, it is possible to make excursions with modern passenger ships and on traditional Zees boats (typical Baltic Sea sailboats).

The Baltic Sea region offers a range of interesting walking/hiking trails. If you head north, you will encounter the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, which is just 3 km away. This is the beginning of the famous Darßer Weststrand (Western Darß Beach). To the south of Ahrenshoop, the coast takes on an entirely different character: the gently rising landscape falls away abruptly to the Baltic Sea below, forming a cliff. The path above the edge offers expansive views across the water towards the city of Warnemünde. During the main season, a stairway, which is located about halfway to the town of Wustrow, allows you to descend to the beach.

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Visit the artists’ colony with its many sights!