Welcome to the wild animal adventure in Güstrow: Experience wolf, bear & Co. wilder than in the zoo! The 200 hectare wildlife and landscape park invites the whole family to an unforgettable experience. The local flora and fauna can be discovered in spacious enclosures, some of which can be walked on.

An adventure day awaits the whole family in the wildlife park "Wildpark-MV", located in Güstrow. Naturally wild and strong as a bear - this is how the park presents itself to the big and small nature lovers with native animals, accessible underwater world, show feeding, diving actions, action paths and playgrounds as well as great events, which make the stay unforgettable.

Discover the predatory animal community with bears, wolves, lynxes and wild cats. Adventurous climbing trails high up through the treetops and underground caves lead you to the fascinating inhabitants.In the "WiesenWelten" (meadow worlds), on the other hand, small animals become very large: the focus is on the flora and fauna of a meadow biotope. Everything is embedded in a huge spider's web, in which you can climb according to your mood. In the "Haus Spinne" you can literally take a close look at many things that can be seen in a meadow. Outdoors, oversized insects are waiting to be discovered. In the WasserWelten (water worlds) you can hike through a river landscape with many native fish in the AQUA tunnel. A diver regularly climbs into the cool water and feeds the fish. An impressive spectacle!

The youngest children can especially look forward to adventurous playgrounds and playgrounds, climbing paths, the petting zoo as well as microscopy and pools. How about a children's birthday party in the wilderness? Furthermore there are offered: children's menus, children's chairs, changing tables, free warming up baby food, rent of handcart. And: Free parking.

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