The steep bank

Further south from the Grenzweg in Ahrenshoop, the dunes gradually transform into a craggy, steep bank, which rises up to 16 metres out of the sea.

The approx. 3.2-km long push moraine emerged more than 10,000 years ago due to the Scandinavian ice sheet. It was shaped by the surging sea. This ensures that the so-called active cliff continues to change constantly. The coast can erode by up to five metres per year. When walking below the cliff, you can see sand martins nesting in the high escarpment. The high bank is great to traverse on foot or by bicycle and, during nice weather, it is possible to look out and see the mainland of Denmark. The narrow footpath on the steep bank leads through an extremely varied environment. It leads through small patches of woodland, past seabuckthorn bushes and wild roses, vegetation that is typical of this region.

On every first Saturday in September it becomes the scene of the final concert of the event "Naturklänge" (Sounds of Nature).

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Hohes Ufer zwischen Wustrow und Ahrenshoop

18347 Ahrenshoop